How To Get Blood Stains Out Of Your Carpet In 5 Minutes or Less

Life Happens! And so do blood stains on the carpet. But you don’t have to live with those embarrassing stains on your carpet. You too can become an expert stain remover in less than 5 minutes with a little help and the right tools. All you need is a towel, some oxidizing red stain remover and some rust stain remover.

Start by applying some of your oxidizing red stain remover over the blood stain. Use a spoon to work the solution in between the fibers and watch it fizz. The fizz is the solution dissolving the blood. Wait a few minutes and the stain will completely disappear. If the blood spot still has a shadow or some brownish color that won’t disappear, use a little rust stain remover to finish the job. Blood has iron in it and the iron can turn to rust on the carpet. Work a little rust stain remover into the fibers with the spoon and watch the stain vanish.

One last tip: I tell my Carpet Cleaning Las Cruces clients that my best advice is to blot the stain. Never rub the spot or you can distort the carpet. Here is a great article I found that offers some more tips on How to Remove Blood Stains From Carpet.

Hope this info is helpful…Emilio

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