Carpet Cleaners in Las Cruces Reveal Trade Secret

Every wonder what carpet cleaners do to get better results? The answer is simple: they adopt the use of rotary jet extraction tools like the one in this carpet cleaning video. Rotary tools help agitate the carpet like no other tool on the market. It helps break up heavy soil build up and separates yarns so they get cleaned from all four sides. As a bonus, this tool never tires so carpet cleaners in Las Cruces using this tool never become exhausted before the end of the work day. This is important to clients who desire a good quality job.

Consumers in Las Cruces can be confident knowing that one carpet cleaning company provides rotary jet extraction on every job. The results they deliver are the same on every job… EXCELLENT! But BEWARE… 98% of all carpet cleaners in Las Cruces do not use rotary jet extractors. Instead they’ve decided it’s better to leave behind twice a much moisture (soaking wet carpets), twice as much cleaning residues (that lead to rapid resoiling) and remove only half the soil found in dirty carpets.

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