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Wool Oriental Rugs: How To Fix Pet Urine Problems

Thursday, September 2nd, 2010

Indoor pets are a way of life. In fact, my son has a 5 pound Chihuahua he simply adores. But he can’t be there 24-hours a day to ensure “Tiny” doesn’t have an accident. So we too have to deal with the occasional dog urine or cat urine accident. On a professional level, I get calls everyday in my carpet cleaning Las Cruces business asking for help with pet urine odor issues.

Most calls involve asking for help with pet urine odor removal from carpet and then there are more urgent calls: Pet Urine Removal from Persian Wool Rugs.

Removing Urine Odors is especially difficult on hand woven area rugs. This is because the odor problem is not on the face yarns, but instead soaked into the warp and weft yarns that make up the rugs tightly woven backing. With the right tools and specialized training, urine odors can be treated and completely eliminated.

Embarassing Odors from pet urine in wool rugs can be fixed if the piece is quickly and properly treated. If the urine is not properly treated (or worse, treated with solutions designed to clean wall-to-wall carpet) there can be permanent staining, color loss, fiber damage, and more!

Here is a great article written by Lisa Wagner, “The Rug Chick”, that has a great article that provides answers to the question: Pet Accidents Happen. Now What?

I Heard: Viscose Rugs and I RAN the other way!

Monday, August 30th, 2010

I receive calls everyday from new and repeat clients who call to discuss their rug cleaning needs. They ask about cleaning oriental, persian and afghan area rugs in Las Cruces. Rug cleaning requires special skills, techniques and vast cleaning knowledge from professionals specializing in this craft to be performed safely. Hand woven rugs can vary in cost from very expensive (some as much as a nice mid-size car) to more reasonable priced pieces. There are some local retailers in Las Cruces that offer reasonably priced rugs that look wonderful and if taken care of properly will last a long time.

Consumers should always be weary of discount rug dealers. These rugs are cheaper than the expensive rugs, but be aware that they can have issues with cleaning and service. Before purchasing a rug you should make sure it will pass the test of time. Here is an article, written by Lisa Wagner, on one of the types of Rugs To Run From: Viscose Rugs!

I hope this information provides confidence in choosing a great hand woven oriental, persian or afghan area rug.